HSE Shield


HSE Shield experts will carefully evaluate how safely your workplace conducts tasks involving heat, sparks, or open flames during a health and safety inspection for hot works compliance.

To make sure that fire threats are minimised and handled, they will inspect the work locations. To avoid mishaps, it is essential to take the right fire protection precautions, such as using fire-resistant materials and removing combustible materials.

The HSE Shield team will also go through where to find fire extinguishers and how to use them properly. Firefighting tools that are strategically positioned and easy to obtain can swiftly put out small fires and stop them from spreading.

Furthermore, they will verify that workers have obtained the appropriate training in hot work safety and the use of firefighting tools. When a fire emergency occurs, well-trained staff can react quickly.

HSE Shield will offer specific advice and suggestions if any areas for improvement are found. This can entail improving fire safety training, upgrading fire safety gear, or introducing improved fire prevention techniques.

HSE Shield wants to make the workplace a safer place to work, lower the likelihood of incidents involving fire, and safeguard the safety of all employees. By reducing fire hazards and encouraging a safety culture, well-managed hot works help to create a more secure workplace.