HSE Shield


HSE Shield experts will thoroughly evaluate how safely your workplace handles lifting and carrying jobs during a health and safety visit for manual handling compliance.

To ensure they are ergonomically sound and reduce the risk of injuries, they will assess the manual handling task methods.

To lessen the physical strain on personnel, the HSE Shield team will also examine the availability and use of mechanical aids like trolleys and lifting apparatus. They will also verify that workers have obtained the required manual handling training. Personnel with the proper training can avoid musculoskeletal injuries by using safe lifting techniques.

HSE Shield will give precise instructions and suggestions if any room for improvement is found. This could entail providing more instruction on proper lifting techniques, adding more mechanical aids, or restructuring jobs to eliminate the need for manual handling.

Achieving conformity with manual handling 

HSE Shield seeks to make the workplace safer, lessen the possibility of lifting and carrying-related accidents, and safeguard the health of every employee. Manual handling jobs that are properly managed increase workers’ productivity and long-term health. They also make the workplace safer.