HSE Shield


HSE Shield health and safety experts will carefully evaluate how safely your firm runs machines and vehicles during a visit to carefully evaluate and advise on how Mobile Plant, Equipment, and pedestrian interaction is minimised / controlled or better still eliminated on your site, and access to your plant and equipment to PUWER Regulations 1998.

They will check the equipment’s upkeep and condition to make sure it complies with safety requirements. The likelihood of mishaps and breakdowns is decreased by well-maintained equipment. Additionally, the HSE Shield team will evaluate the qualifications and instructions of the operators. Personnel who have received the appropriate training can use equipment properly, avoiding potential risks.

Additionally, they will examine your workplace’s policies and procedures for completing pre-use inspections and routine mobile equipment inspections.

If any development opportunities are found, HSE Shield will offer precise instructions and suggestions. This could entail providing operators with more training, upgrading equipment maintenance schedules, or improving inspection processes.

HSE Shield strives to make the workplace safer, lower the likelihood of accidents involving machinery and vehicles, and safeguard the health and safety of all employees. Equipment that is properly used and maintained improves workplace safety and helps to increase output and efficiency.