HSE Shield


HSE Shield experts will thoroughly evaluate how your workplace manages noise and vibration concerns during a health and safety inspection for noise and vibration compliance.

To make sure they adhere to safety requirements, they will measure the noise and vibration levels. It is essential to maintain safe levels of noise and vibration because prolonged exposure might have negative effects on one’s health.

To lessen the effect of noise and vibration on employees, the HSE Shield team will also examine the availability and application of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Additionally, they will examine if workers have gotten the appropriate instruction regarding the dangers of noise and vibration as well as how to utilise PPE properly. Personnel who are knowledgeable about these risks can safeguard themselves.

HSE Shield will offer specific advice and suggestions if any areas for improvement are found. Providing better personal protective equipment, putting noise reduction measures in place, or providing more training on noise and vibration safety are some examples of how to do this.

HSE Shield wants to make the workplace safer, lower the danger of health problems brought on by excessive exposure, and safeguard the welfare of every employee. To do this, they make sure noise and vibration regulations are followed. A healthy workplace environment, which promotes the general wellbeing and comfort of workers, is facilitated by effectively managed noise and vibration levels.