HSE Shield


The safety of your workplace’s management of vehicle and pedestrian interactions will be carefully evaluated by HSE Shield experts during a health and safety inspection for traffic management compliance.

They will inspect the design of the traffic routes on your traffic management plan, and check that the right signage and physical barriers are in place. Signage that is clear and easy to see helps to direct traffic and prevent accidents.

The HSE Shield team will additionally examine how well traffic restrictions and speed limits are being implemented. Everyone is safer when traffic restrictions and speed limits are properly enforced and one-way traffic flow is introduced.

Furthermore, they’ll be sure to verify that staff members have obtained the required training on traffic management practices and pedestrian safety. Staff that are knowledgeable about the area can navigate work zones safely and adhere to traffic regulations.

HSE Shield will give precise instructions and suggestions if any areas for development are found. This can entail improving traffic management education, reviewing or creating a traffic management plan, or putting in place better traffic control strategies.

HSE Shield strives to make the workplace safer, lessen the possibility of accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians, and safeguard the safety of all personnel and visitors by maintaining traffic management compliance. A safer workplace is made possible by well-regulated traffic flow, which also fosters a culture of safety and eliminates potential hazards.