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About Us

HSE Shield is a comprehensive organisation that specialises in Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) management services to guarantee that your company complies with legal requirements and upholds a secure workplace. How HSE Shield can offer these services is as follows:

Creation of HSE Management Systems: To streamline operations and improve safety precautions, HSE Shield develops and executes efficient HSE management systems that are specifically customised to the requirements of your business.

Document Creation for HSE Compliance: HSE Shield assists with the creation and upkeep of crucial documentation, ensuring that your business complies with HSE laws. Best practices, procedures, and safety guidelines are included in these documents.

Our Process

Inspection Reports:

HSE Shield conducts routine inspections to spot potential risks and harmful behaviours and then provides thorough reports so that immediate corrective measures can be taken

Audit Schedules

To routinely monitor HSE compliance, identify areas for improvement, and guarantee continued safety performance, HSE Shield sets audit schedules.

ISO Accreditation

HSE Shield helps in gaining ISO accreditation, which demonstrates your organisation's dedication to high standards for HSE.

HSE Shield Work with All Industries and Sectors

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Risk Assessments/Method Statements: HSE Shield identifies potential risks and outlines safe processes for diverse tasks through thorough risk assessments and method declarations.

Policies, Procedures, and Management Plans: To create an organised approach to safety management, HSE Shield designs concise and simple-to-follow policies, procedures, and management plans.

HSE Forms: HSE Shield offers all required HSE forms, streamlining record-keeping and compliance processes for your business.

Document Control Expertise: For efficient operations, HSE Shield guarantees adequate document control, monitoring modifications, and maintaining current records.

Toolbox Talks: Engaging toolbox lectures are facilitated by HSE Shield, encouraging active participation and an understanding of HSE procedures among your personnel.

CDM Compliance: To protect employees and contractors during building projects, HSE Shield makes sure your business complies with Construction Design and Management (CDM) requirements.

In conclusion, HSE Shield comprehensive services provide everything your business needs to build and sustain a strong HSE culture and promote a safe and legal workplace. With their knowledge, you may concentrate on your main lines of business while maintaining “HSE Compliance”

HSE Shield Work with All Industries and Sectors

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Do you need help achieving Accreditation for IOSH – ISO 45001 – 9001 – 14001

HSE Shield Can Help Create All Your Compliant Health Safety Paperwork